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Bachelorette Party… GONE WRONG?

Hiiii y’all!! This past weekend, my sisters, girlfriends and I finally went on my bachelorette trip!! Things didnt end up as I had hoped… any guesses why? COMMENT BELOW!

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It started on Friday when we packed up the car and drove the 5 hours to Galveston, TX. I rented the cutest little beach house air bnb that fit all 10 of us! That night we arrived, we had a private chef come cook dinner for us while we played some fun (and censored) games, of course, LOL! I also worked on the gift bags for the girls that came, and handed those out! Brooklyn shows y’all what were in them.

The next day, we all wore matching Bach & Boujee” shirts and ventured out on the town. First stop, Rainforest Cafe! Then we visited the pier and rode tons of fun roller coasters. We headed back to the airbnb and got ready for the color wig night! Every girl wore a different color for our night out. So much fun, and we had so many people comment on how great we looked!

We spent the last day on the beach….or so we thought. The weather quickly took a turn for the worst, that not only cancelled our beach plans, but also the plans for the rest of the trip!

We had to make a hasty departure due to hurricane Nicholas, but luckily everyone made it home safely! (Praying for all those affected by this and other storms!)

What doe you think of this video? COMMENT BELOW which color you would have worn for the wig night👀

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